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"It's like a magic trick - as a band"
- Kathleen Hanna

"The best band in America"
- Ian F. Svenonius

"[They] expend zero energy on self-promotion and only seem interested in getting together sporadically to home-record brilliant, withering critiques of whatever is going on around them at any given moment, set to lo-fi, no wave-y, vaguely dance-y music"
- Joel Tannenbaum

"Uniquely instrumented tunage and lyrical content varying from 'the old creepy guy at the party' to 'prosopagnosia'"
- Gabrielle Westfield (CMJ)

"Their weird lyrics are accentuated by their catchy riffs and strange accordion and keyboard sounds"
- Sehba Mohammad (Flavorwire)

"Weird lyrics, strange keyboard sounds and 24 more songs to be confused about."
Angry Hippo Series

"If there were a sweepstakes to win a date with mindtroll I would enter it"
Elona Jones

"Rock songwriting strihnute glitter punk and rock, Cokovoko once by their costumes fainted."
- Zapisnik Zmizelho via Google Translate

"Think punk from the northwest in the early '90s - the abandon of bands on K, maybe some of the feminine bite of Kill Rock Stars - but with the self-aware camp of the The Dead Milkmen or The B-52s."
- Sid Sowder (

"Mindtroll will probably get half the room dancing and the other half snort-laughing with their catchy melodies and silly rhymes"
- City Paper (Patrick Rapa)

"Dancing aside, it was clear that the crowd didn't quite know how to respond"
- Village Voice

"mindtroll makes me ridiculously happy."
- Sarah Kain Gutowski

"Some of their songs are just ridiculously catchy. It is one day after the show and I still have some of the most absurd nonsense stuck in my head"

"at this hipster show - song about Ayn Rand cookie cutters prompted guy next to me to put on a velvet horse head."
- Crystal Mae on the song "Fancy Boy"

"They sound like if the Violent Femmes played songs by The Shaggs"
- Chris Gethard

"Their lyrics require a lot of exclamation points, just like listening them to them might require you to get up and dance spastically."
- Owl Mag

"Potent Blend"
- Metro

"In this world singing takes a back seat to shouting...production is not even a factor, and on top of everything they throw in an accordion. Where many people would see all of these things as negatives, I see them as cause for totally loving this band."
- Cactus Mouth

"As this Mindtroll song, "Jazz Boyfriend" attests, sometimes a partner's musical obsessions are enough to ruin a relationship."

"THE art-punks"
- THE New Yorker (emphasis added)

"When you grow up, hopefully you'll discover that jazz is one of the highest art forms ever created ( if you have an iota of intelligence you'll eventually realize this). Unlike the *objectively* horrendous cacophony displayed by your so-called 'band', playing jazz requires musical talent AND years of study."
- zappacrappa2 (Jazz Boyfriend)

"All in all, they're idiosyncratic, raucous, and proudly DIY. And ultimately, that's what punk's all about"
- Flavorwire

"Lo-Fi, Amateurismo, Pop inclasificable"
- The Jangle Drop

"Wow, this band sucks. UPDATE: Their name sucks too."
- The Big City Blog

"Accordion and hip-swinging sass"
- Village Voice

- Permanent Wave

"Mindtroll. More like mindfuck."
- Star Beat Music

"I did date a guy who was majoring in jazz at our music conservatory, and it did blow...this song is very true. Sorry, jazz boyfriends."

"We admit it's pretty funny"
- NPR's A Blog Supreme